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posted by Matt Gidney -- September 07, 2005 -- 4 Comments

Pathetic. My update schedule these past three weeks as been absolutely pathetic. Call it end of the summer blues, call it new apartment improvement time drain, or just call it lazy. Regardless, you have my apologies, and a new comic for this week will be posted shortly.

But if you're lucky, maybe I'll post some pictures of my freshly painted "Toasted Wheat" living room and "Bleached Denim" bathroom...
Still Getting Settled
posted by Matt Gidney -- August 29, 2005 -- 0 Comments

So this week's comic will be up tomorrow (8/30), as I continue to get settled in the new apartment. It's been quite an ordeal, much more so than I anticipated. But I'm a moron when it comes to anything domestic (aside from my world famous eggplant parmesan), so that's not a very good benchmark.

I've had to buy all new furnishings for the first time since college. Something I didn't know was that new furniture takes 4-8 weeks to get delivered. So to save money on the move, I threw out most of my old furniture weeks ago. As such, I've been sleeping on an Aero bed for since July. Which isn't so bad, except I've got a slow leak, so after an hour or so I sink down to the wood floor and need to hit the button to reinflate in the middle of the night. Not a big concern when you're sleeping by yourself, but if you have "company", the roar of an Aero pump at 2am, 3am, and 4am is less than romantic.
Take Me Home Mountain Momma
posted by Matt Gidney -- August 22, 2005 -- 4 Comments

This week's comic (8/22) will be posted tomorrow, but with good reason - I spent the weekend in West Virginia rafting, paintballing and eating nothing but red meat for three days for a best friend's bachelor party. Some highlights:
  1. 95% of the women in West Virginia are named "Crystal." The other 5% are named "Krystal."
  2. If you have a roadside store called "The Junk Store," you may want to consider rebranding it something a bit more customer friendly, such as "Grandma's Attic" or "Hidden Treasures." Just a thought.
  3. Paintballs hurt.
  4. Combos are a primary food group.
  5. Playing quarters is not like riding a bike: you do forget.
  6. Ladies, if your boyfriend/fiance/husband returns from a bachelor party knowing what the term "childo" means, make him shower.

Comic will be posted tomorrow.
Late Comic...But With Good Reason
posted by Matt Gidney -- August 01, 2005 -- 1 Comments

And what's that reason, you ask? We moved! That's right, due space concerns, Mitch In Wonderland, Inc. moved its entire worldwide corporate headquarters and staff from its current cramped Upper East alcove studio location to a sprawling new 700 square foot REAL one-bedroom facility four blocks away.

Your Mitch comic goodness will be updated soon as we can find what box we put the scanner in.
Late Comic - July 5th
posted by Matt -- July 05, 2005 -- 4 Comments

Alright, I realize that the comic should have been posted yesterday, and that technically the comic is now two days late, not one. But I had a very long weekend of bbqing. And not to brag, my baby back ribs were the hit of the party. The secret - you gotta pre-cook them. The meat was just flaking off the bone. I'm convinced pork is all they serve in heaven. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you live in Manhattan, any time you get to bbq is a big deal. But the new comic will be up tomorrow. See you then.



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